Pianist Mirek Galczynski playing beneath the sculpture for the week of the opening.

Floating Garden 

Acrylic paint, perspex panels
Commissioned by Wollongong Central and Ambush Gallery, Sydney

This perspex kinetic sculpture installation draws inspiration from the traditions of still life painting, and the pressed botanical specimens found throughout natural history books. Captured in their prime, wild Australian orchids and tropical plants have been hand painted from both life and photographs taken by the artist. Mimicking nature, each individual plant and flower interconnects to create a whole.

The ephemerality and experience of being in nature is echoed, as each moment and angle the artwork is viewed from is different. The suspended panels of the artwork float, shift and gently rotate, making each moment unique.

With special thanks to Wollongong Central and Ambush Gallery.

Below: Detail of individual painted installation panel on perspex
Left:  Hanging installation viewed from bottom.

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